Jack Edmonds Wedding Officiate

Wedding Tips by Jack Edmonds

Here are some ideas to help you make your wedding day run smoothly!

Wedding Tips

Tip One

If you are having an outdoor wedding service, and you have guests that need wheelchair access, when setting up the chairs, remember to allow space for your guest's wheelchairs in the row. And preferably on an outside or inside aisle space.

Wedding Tips

Tip Two

Many of your guests will arrive 20-30 minutes before the wedding is to begin, so it is most considerate to your guests for you to start the wedding ceremony proceedings on time or as close to the designated time as possible. You don't need to be late to make a grand entrance at your wedding. Be considerate to your guests and they will be grateful, especially if it is an outdoor wedding in the warmer summer months.

Wedding Tips

Tip Three

When setting up the table for the wedding cake, if at all possible, keep the table off a wall so that both bride and groom can stand behind the table when cutting the cake. Your photographer will be able to take pictures from any angle thus allowing for more attractive pictures.